Access to Trade and Transactional Finance can be extremely challenging, particularly for SMEs that conduct cross-border trading activities. We understand the complexities of multi-jurisdictional trading and the limitations businesses can face obtaining capital from traditional financing options.

Some ways in which Trade Finance may be able to help your business include:

  • Access to capital: Trade finance provides access to capital that businesses can use to finance their operations and expand their revenues; this can enhance competitiveness and growth prospects.
  • Risk mitigation: Trade finance can help mitigate risks associated with international trade, such as non-payment by buyers, and political instability. By using trade finance products such as letters of credit, businesses can reduce their exposure to these risks.
  • Shorter payment cycles: Trade finance can help shorten payment cycles, which can improve cash flow and reduce the need for businesses to tie up capital in inventory or accounts receivable.
  • Increased competitiveness: By using Trade Finance, businesses can increase their competitiveness by offering more favourable payment terms to customers, which can help them win more business.
  • Access to new markets: Trade finance can help businesses expand into new markets by providing financing options that can help them mitigate risks associated with doing business in unfamiliar territories.
  • Improved supplier relationships: Trade finance can help improve relationships with suppliers, providing them greater certainty and speed of payment by providing a framework for the management of trade transaction and thereby enabling higher transactional volumes.

Trade Finance

Facilitates the timely delivery of goods and services by providing financing for the production and shipment of goods.

Enhances the creditworthiness of businesses by providing a guarantee of payment to suppliers and lenders.

Helps to support economic growth and development by facilitating international trade and investment.