Shard Credit Partners Trade Finance Establishes Presence in Middle East with Dubai Office Opening and Business Launch

10 May 2024

UK-based private credit investment manager Shard Credit Partners (“SCRP”), through its wholly-owned subsidiary SCRP Trade Finance Ltd, has expanded internationally with the recent launch of its new business in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”). This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in the build out of the company’s International Trade Finance strategy and further enhances its offering to businesses in the Middle East and worldwide.

SCRP launched its International Trade Finance strategy in 2022 and already serves a diversified base of SMEs customers throughout the UK and UAE.

The new UAE office will serve as a hub for SCRP Trade Finance operations in the region, offering trade finance solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses engaged in both domestic and cross-border trade. With experienced professionals on the ground and a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, SCRP Trade Finance aims to provide seamless and efficient financial support to businesses seeking to grow their trading revenues.

“We are delighted to establish our presence in Dubai, a vibrant economic hub with immense potential for growth and development. By opening this office, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering emerging corporates and SME businesses in the Middle East and beyond with trade finance solutions that drive expansion, foster economic prosperity, and facilitate global trade” said Moiz Akbar, SCRP’s Dubai based Partner in the International Trade Finance strategy.

Chris Ash, Head of International Trade Finance at SCRP Trade Finance, added “as the world economy emerges from the aftershocks of the Covid 19 pandemic, the availability of working capital solutions has become more challenging, especially for the mid and lower mid-market trading communities. Our expansion into this vital trading hub will improve local access for businesses that require incremental financial support.”

SCRP Trade Finance is committed to providing transactional capital to address the capital needs of businesses engaged in cross-border trade; structuring trade finance transactions to optimise financial efficiency and mitigate risks effectively.

Alastair Brown, CEO of Shard Credit Partners Ltd commented,

“Our International Trade Finance strategy offers seasoned private credit investors an interesting alternative to traditional direct lending, with the opportunity for higher cash yields in the high teens and shorter commitment durations of just two to three years. As the underlying trades are self-liquidating, this facilitates rapid recycling of investor capital and return realisation. Investors also have a broader range of investment channels to choose from with this strategy, including investing by purchasing fixed and variable coupon notes issued by a Luxembourg securitisation vehicle, with dedicated investor compartments and an ISIN if desired.”

The opening of the UAE office underscores SCRP’s commitment to structuring innovative financing solutions for its SME clients, fostering long-term partnerships and facilitating business expansion and cross border trade. Having already extended trade finance facilities to existing GCC clients, this expansion will not only deepen ties with current relationships but also underscores SCRP’s confidence in the region for growth and collaboration.


About Shard Credit Partners:

Shard Credit Partners is an alternative investment fund manager focused on high cash yielding private credit strategies in the UK lower mid-market. Current assets under management is circa £200 million. Its funds seek to generate superior risk-adjusted returns from conservatively structured senior secured credit investments with meaningful equity upside. Fund strategies include corporate direct lending, technology venture financing and international trade finance.

SCRP is currently fundraising for its International Trade Finance strategy and is targeting to raise US$500 million from a mixture of institutional private credit investors, including local government pension funds, corporate pension funds, endowments, family offices and high net worth individuals classifying as sophisticated professional investors.

SCRP has established a securitisation vehicle structure in Luxembourg which provides access to this strategy through the purchase of three or five year fixed income notes that will pay regular quarterly cash distributions derived from a diversified pool of short-term trade finance instruments. Investors further have the option of purchasing notes with an ISIN and or credit enhancement features including an investment grade credit wrapper from a reputable credit insurance provider. Investment portfolios tailored to meet the specific preferences and appetite of investors are available.

Shard Credit Partners Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Shard Capital AIFM LLP, authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN 615463).

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