Understanding Trade Finance & Its Impact on Global Markets

15 March 2024

Chris Ash, Head of Trade Finance at Shard Credit Partners joins Bill Blain, Market Strategist for Shard Capital on this week’s edition of the Shard Capital Podcast to discuss the recent disruption in the Red Sea, and the impact it is having on global trade routes.

The duo evaluate how various factors influence consumer prices and trade finance investments, providing insight into the resilience and adaptability of global shipping markets, and the specific returns generated by trade finance funds.


Listen in on the conversation below 👇🏼


Recorded 14th March 2024


About Shard Credit Partners:

Shard Credit Partners (SCRP) is an alternative investment fund manager focused on high cash yielding private credit strategies in the UK lower mid-market. Its funds seek to generate superior risk-adjusted returns from conservatively structured senior secured credit investments with meaningful equity upside. Fund strategies include corporate direct lending, technology venture financing and international trade finance.

SCRP is currently fundraising for its International Trade Finance strategy and is initially seeking to raise US$100 million from a mixture of institutional private credit investors, including local government pension funds, corporate pension funds, endowments, family offices and high net worth individuals classifying as sophisticated professional investors.

SCRP have established a securitisation vehicle structure in Luxembourg which provides access to this strategy through the purchase of three or five year fixed income notes that will pay regular quarterly cash distributions derived from a diversified pool of short-term trade finance instruments.  Investors further have the option of purchasing notes with an ISIN and or credit enhancement features including an investment grade credit wrapper from a reputable credit insurance provider. Investment portfolios tailored to meet the specific preferences and appetite of investors are available.

Shard Credit Partners Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Shard Capital AIFM LLP, authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN 615463).


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